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May 30 2023

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1. Lottery Sambad 1:00 PM

What is the fastest way to earn money and prizes? How can you become rich overnight? How can you live the life of your dreams? Undoubtedly most people will say getting a lottery can do the magic for you. That is why there are numerous lottery games that you can relish and win fabulous prizes. 

One of the most famous lottery games is called Lottery Sambad. It is an enthralling and engaging lottery game that can win a lot for you. The government introduced this lottery game, where people can participate and win various prizes in the form of money. 

It is divided into three formats: Sambad Morning Games, Afternoon Games, and Evening Games.

The detailed account for the morning game is given below. 

Sambad Morning Games

The most captivating and enthralling part of the game is Sambad Morning Games. It is played in the Nagaland state of India every morning at 11.55 am under the supervision of the government. The results are usually drawn at 1:00 pm.

So the in-between time is hair-raising for the people who participate in the lottery. Everyone wants to win the first, second, or third prize. Most even pray for landing at any number on the list. 

What Are Morning Games 

The 1:00 pm or morning games are played daily without any vacation. Every day comes with a new thrill and a new name for the game. The difference can also be found in the winning prize of the game. Everyone can participate in the game and wait for their turn to win either Jackpot or consolation. 

How Can You Participate in the 1:00 pm Game?

Taking part in every form of the game is very straightforward. You will not have to go through a complicated process or lengthy lines. All you have to do is to purchase a ticket for the Sambad Morning Game. The ticket price is surprisingly low. That is why every person can buy a ticket and join the game. The price for the ticket is six Indian rupees only. 

Everyday Names 

To make the game more enthralling and captivating, the lottery’s name is changed daily. So that people do not get weary of the same monotonous name as in many other lotteries. 

Here are the names of each lottery game for the 1:00 pm game. 

  1. Monday: Dear Ganga Morning
  2. Tuesday: Dear Teesta Morning
  3. Wednesday: Dear Torsa Morning
  4. Thursday: Dear Padma Morning
  5. Friday: Dear Hooghly Morning
  6. Saturday: Dear Kosai Morning
  7. Sunday: Dear Damodar Morning

The game is played at the same time, which is 11:55 am, and the jackpot prize for all the games, as mentioned earlier, is one crore Indian rupees. 

Sambad Morning Game Prizes 

So the most awaited and exciting part of the game is the prizes. We have already established that winning awards for each position is different. From Jackpot to consolation, you will be aiming at varying amounts. 

Here is the list of prizes for various positions.

1 First Prize Rs 1 Crore
2 Second Prize Rs. 9000
3 Third Prize Rs. 500
4 Fourth Prize Rs. 250
5 Fifth Prize Rs. 120
6 Consolation Rs. 1,000


  1. How to buy Lottery Sambad Ticket Online? Answer: You can buy Lottery Sambad Tickets through the official website.
  2. What is sambad lottery sambad? Answer: Lottery Sambad is a lottery game played in different states of India under government supervision. 
  3. What is first prize in lottery sambad morning games? Answer: First prize in morning games is 1 crore.  

2. Lottery Sambad 6:00 PM 

Lottery Sambad is an extremely popular lottery scheme introduced by the Indian government. According to court orders, all the states are independent in terms of their decision about the lottery. Today, various states are supervising and managing the game. 

Its sole purpose is to generate revenue for the state. Due to inexpensiveness and feasibility, the governments have been successful in doing so. That is why at least 13 states of India have legalized the lottery and are running various lottery schemes. 

Nonetheless, the most widely held and prevalent one is Lottery Sambad. It is now being held in big states like Nagaland and West Bengal. The lottery is held over three intervals each day. 

Intervals of the Lottery 

We have already mentioned that the lottery game is held at three varying times throughout the week. There is no vacation in any case. This is what makes the scheme more enthralling, captivating, and engaging. More and more people want to take part in the famous lottery game. 

The game is played according to the following timetable:

  • Morning time 
  • Afternoon 
  • Evening time 

Result Announcement For Each Time

Every state where the game is played follows the timetable as mentioned above. It is rare to have a delay or change of time. People who purchase lottery tickets have to wait for the following times for the announcement:

  • Morning Time: 1:00 PM
  • Afternoon: 6:00 PM
  • Evening Time: 8:00 PM 

People wait anxiously for the declaration of the result to know whether they have gotten lucky or not. 

Lottery Sambad 6:00 PM

It is also an enthralling and engaging lottery timing like the other two. People who want to become wealthy without struggling and working day and night purchase the lottery. They buy the tickets and sit tight, awaiting the adored timeline. 

The ticket is cheap and can be purchased for six Indian rupees only. With this price, everyone can get a token without any problem. That is why almost all the people around states buy lottery tickets. S

Where Is It Played 

The lottery is played in over eight prominent states. All these states have the exact timing for the lottery. However, they have given different names for each day’s game. The following states proffer Lottery Sambad:

  • Nagaland 
  • Sikkim
  • West Bengal 
  • Dhankesari
  • Punjab State 
  • Bodoland 
  • Kerala State 

And other states. People of these states can participate and augment their chances to become crorepati overnight. 

Names for the Lottery 

Timing remains the same. However, all the states have different names for games on each day. An example of Nagaland state is given below:

Sr.  Day Name 
1 Monday Dear Sun
2 Tuesday Dear Moon
3 Wednesday Dear Mercury
4 Thursday Dear Venus
5 Friday Dear Earth
6 Saturday Dear Mars
7 Sunday Dear Jupiter


All the names mentioned above make Lottery Sambad more thrilling and exciting. 

Prize Money for the Lottery 

There are five different categories for dividing surprise money. These categories begin from rank 1 to rank 5. There is also consolation money. Details of all the prizes are given below:

Rank Total Prizes Prize Money
1 1 99,00,000
2 2600 9,000
3 26000 500
4 26000 250
5 260000 120
Consolation 259 1000



  1. How to buy a lottery sambad ticket? Answer: You can buy the ticket online from the official website. 
  2. Are lottery sambad morning?Answer: Lottery sambad is played three times a day.
  3. Is there a consolation prize in the lottery Sambad?Answer: Yes, there is a consolation prize in the lottery sambad.

Lottery Sambad 8 PM

People often try to find shortcuts to increasing their wealth or putting an end to their poverty. There is no quick way to wealth except from one. A lottery is the only passageway to win millions in a single moment. 

Most lottery games and applications are not regarded as trustworthy by the people. However, Lottery Sambad is a trusted, accurate, and testified method for the purpose. It is a win-win game for everyone. It means whether you win a considerable amount or not. Either way, your money will not go wasted. 

Why is this lottery system thought to be reliable? It is because it runs under the supervision of state governments with the sole purpose of generating more revenue. 

Types of Sambad Lottery 

The lottery is played across many states of India and has three formats. All these formats are played precisely at the same time. Their results are also declared simultaneously. All the forms ensure authenticity. Anyone can buy a ticket and take part in the enthralling competition of luck. 

That is why whoever purchased the tickets has a chance to either become a millionaire overnight or get consolation. It has the following three formats:

  1. Morning Time 
  2. Afternoon
  3. Evening Time 

You can buy tokens for the types as mentioned above online. There is an official website for this purpose. 

Lottery Sambad 8:00 pm

Among all the three formats, Lottery Sambad at 8:00 pm is also excellent. It is counted as the evening time form of the lottery. As established earlier, various states offer the lottery to their people. In all these states, the game keeps going three times a day for the whole week. 

Therefore, the evening time lottery also has no vacations. You can keep buying tokens and waiting for your luck to play its role. 

Names for the Lottery 

The most fascinating and enthralling thing about Lottery Sambad is the different names it goes by. All the states have their own words for each day’s game. These titles are very amusing and represent various things in other states. 

For example, in Nagaland state, interesting titles for Lottery Sambad 8:00 pm version are:

Sr. Number Day Name 
1 Monday Dear Flamingo Evening
2 Tuesday  Dear Parrot Evening
3 Wednesday Dear Eagle Evening
4 Thursday Dear Falcon Evening
5 Friday  Dear Vulture Evening
6 Saturday Dear Ostrich Evening
7 Sunday Dear Hawk Evening


The Nagaland state gives these names. Other states might have their own titles for all the days. 

Prize Money and Timing 

Both prize money and timing for the titles mentioned above are the same. Expected results for Lottery Sambad 8:00 pm are announced precisely at the same time as mentioned in the title. 

Prize money varies in accordance with the winning ranking. Here are the list of all the ranks and winning amount:

Sr. Number Rank Name Winning Prize
1 1st One Crore
2 2nd Rs. 9000
3 3rd Rs. 500
4 4th Rs. 250
5 5th Rs. 120
6 Consolation  Rs. 1000


If you have won a prize in the lottery you need to visit the official website of Nagaland state for the lottery. There you can claim your prize. 


  1. Who manages and organizes Dear Lottery Sambad? Answer: Nagaland state government manages and organizes the lottery.
  2. How to win the Sambad Lottery? Answer: You need to buy a ticket for the lottery. Rest should be left to luck.
  3. What is the real lottery sambad? Answer: Lottery Sambad is played under the supervision of various Indian states, including Nagaland.