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Best cheapest reseller hosting

What Is Reseller Hosting and How Does It Work?

Reseller hosting is a type of web hosting in which a website hosting provider licences hard drive space and bandwidth to a small or medium-sized firm, which then offers the space to entrepreneurs or small enterprises.

The Benefits of Reseller Hosting

Because you may build your own programmes to sell to others, you have complete control (greater flexibility and freedom) over resources.

You might even be able to generate a profit at no expense to yourself by selling plans to other businesses or entrepreneurs if you use reseller hosting. You may focus on providing exceptional customer service while leaving technical help to the web host provider because you’re using someone else’s resources.

Reseller accounts have a more powerful administration control panel, allowing you to successfully manage your site. Many providers also provide unlimited SSL certificates and access to cPanel, a site control panel that is only available to resellers and dedicated hosting customers.

Reseller Hosting Has Its Drawbacks

While reseller hosting may be less expensive than dedicated hosting, it will still be more expensive and may be more than you require. If you don’t require SSL certificates or a strong cPanel, the features may be overkill.

If you choose a reseller hosting plan, your responsibilities become even greater. If you’re going to sell hosting plans, you’ll need to be able to provide new customers with customer service. This is due to the hosting service’s lack of customer support. If you don’t have the time or resources to provide excellent customer care, you might reconsider a reseller hosting package.

Best cheap reseller hosting plan

  1. Site ground

SiteGround is the best option for current enterprises.

• Starts at $6.69/month 

• 20 GB of online storage

 • Unlimited websites and databases 

• 30-day money-back guarantee

Another major player in the website hosting industry is SiteGround. So it’s no surprise that they provide fantastic reseller web hosting services.

SiteGround used to offer “reseller credit,” in which each credit score was worth one year of website hosting.

However, they now offer three reseller packages with varying levels of net space and support. Each plan includes an unlimited number of websites, a centralised dashboard, free WordPress installation, auto-updates, daily and on-demand backups, free SSLs, CDN, and email, simple staging, and an unlimited number of databases.

It costs $6.69 every thirty days if you start with the GrowBig plan. The GoGeek package is $10.69 per month and includes priority support as well as the ability to white-label customers. The cloud reselling plan starts at $100 per month and includes customised customer access as well as the ability to customise website assets.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that these incredible prices are just for a limited time and can be renewed at a much higher price. While SiteGround provides a fantastic service of free daily and on-demand backups, they lack certain key reseller features, like as automated billing and domain name reselling, and it isn’t built to expand. However, because billing and customers are already built-in, SiteGround is ideal for existing businesses looking to expand their options.

SiteGround is an excellent alternative for resellers due to its low rates. If you’re a small business with a few websites to manage and grow, SiteGround’s price structure allows you to add reselling to your options. In my comprehensive SiteGround review, you can learn more about their web hosting services.

2. Inmotion:

InMotion Hosting – Best VPS options for handling ecommerce businesses

• Normally $29.99/month 

• 25 cPanel accounts 

• Free dedicated IP 

• 90-day money-back guarantee

Unlike other website hosting companies, who only offer three or four reseller internet hosting options, InMotion Hosting offers six!

So it’s safe to assume that InMotion has a strategy for any of your requirements. Here’s a rundown of what each reseller package includes:

The “R” plans are shared web hosting plans, whereas the “VPS” plans are virtual private servers.

Disk space, monthly bandwidth, and dedicated IPs all get better with each package. The following is the pricing for the InMotion Hosting reseller plans:

  • R-1000S — $15.39 per thirty days (renews at $29.99)
  • R-2000S — $21.99 per thirty days (renews at $39.99)
  • R-3000S — $30.24 per thirty days (renews at $57.99)
  • VPS 1000 — $41.64 per thirty days (renews at $54.99)
  • VPS 2000 — $62.84 per thirty days (renews at $94.99)
  • VPS 3000 — $89.94 per thirty days (renews at $164.99)

How does this examine to different internet hosting suppliers we’ve reviewed thus far? Let’s have a look.

HostGator’s high package deal affords 140 GB of disk house and 1400 GB of bandwidth. The R-2000S and R-3000S from InMotion could be the closest plans to this. Each of those are at related worth factors as properly.

The largest distinction is that InMotion has much more choices. Their high VPS plan has 260 GB of disk house and 6 TB of bandwidth per thirty days.

Because of this, InMotion’s reseller plans can handle more customers and monthly visits than the other options on our list. They provide beginner reseller plans like the R-1000S, advanced reseller plans like the VPS 3000, and four different plans in between.

You may even manage ecommerce websites with a VPS reseller subscription. You’ll also have root access to your server, allowing you to make customised changes.

For select packages, InMotion provides free billing software, free cPanel and WHM, free SSD drives, white label services, DDoS and virus protection, and server administration choices.

They also offer a 90-day money-back guarantee, which is quite unusual in the internet hosting industry.

In general, everyone at InMotion Hosting has a reseller plan. If you wish to be taught extra about InMotion take a look at my full InMotion internet hosting assessment.

3. Greengeeks

GreenGeeks – Ideal for developers who value environmentally friendly web hosting

 • Usually $34.95/month

 • Unlimited SSD storage

• cPanel accounts (ten)

• Internet hosting that is environmentally friendly

GreenGeeks is a website hosting company that is environmentally responsible.

That is, they use renewable energy to power their internet hosting solution, which is fantastic. In fact, through the Bonneville Environmental Foundation, they return three times the amount of energy they utilise through renewable energy.

They also specialise in reseller web hosting. In fact, GreekGeeks has five distinct reseller programmes to choose from:

Their packages could be purchased in ten-shopper increments. The more shoppers you have, the lower your per-account cost.

If you’re anywhere in the middle of these categories or have more than 50 customers, you can buy additional accounts in 5-packs. 

The discounted rate for additional accounts is:

Reseller 10 — $3.00 per account 

• Reseller 20 — $2.75 per account 

• Reseller 30 — $2.50 per account 

• Reseller 40 — $2.25 per account

 • Reseller 50 — $2.00 per account 

For example, if you have the Reseller 50 plan and want to add 13 new accounts, it will cost you an additional $30 per thirty days (you would need to purchase 15 extra accounts).

All GreenGeeks reseller plans come with a number of great features, including: 

• Unlimited web hosting 

• Unlimited bandwidth 

• WHMCS licences 

• White label firms

• Ecommerce capabilities 

• Free CDN integration 

• Nightly backups 

• Support available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

GreenGeeks uses renewable energy to power their internet hosting services, as their name implies. They make every effort to make each of their servers carbon neutral. That is, no matter how much carbon they contribute to the atmosphere, they try to offset it through a variety of environmental programmes.

So it’s a fantastic opportunity for those of you who care about the environment and want to sell inexperienced website hosting to your customers.

This reseller programme was created with builders in mind. You’ll get a variety of PHP versions, MySQL databases, FTP accounts, Perl and Python support, and access to the latest developer tools like WP-CLI, Git, Drush, and more.

Every GreekGeeks reseller package comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. It’s wonderful to have that safety net to fall back on.

4. Host gator

HostGator is an excellent choice for resellers hosting small enterprises and other organisations with simple websites. You may effortlessly provide hosting for these clients while benefiting from HostGator’s low prices.

The reason I recommend HostGator for folks who are hosting smaller sites is that if you’re hosting something with a lot of traffic, you’ll quickly exhaust the server resources. According to HostGator, a large ecommerce site would be better served on a VPS or dedicated server. HostGator provides those services, but not for resellers.

With HostGator reseller hosting, you also don’t have as much control over the server. Of course, if your clients don’t require anything extravagant, you won’t need to touch the backend at all.

In fact, HostGator handles the majority of the IT chores for you, leaving you with a simple administrative interface that allows you to do tasks in just a few clicks. WHM allows you to keep track of your sites, change your cPanel branding, and manage all of your users.

HostGator has a number of services that will make your job as a reseller easier and more profitable:

• Buying and selling domains

• Gateways for merchants

• Unrestricted SSL certificate

• WHMCS is available for free.

• Name servers with a private address

• Anti-spam measures

• Weekly backups are provided as a courtesy.

Last but not least, the free weekly backups are quite beneficial. It’s not a full-fledged disaster recovery failsafe, but it’s a no-effort insurance policy that safeguards you and your clients in the event of an error.

Backups are frequently entirely your responsibility. It’s simply another way HostGator makes your life as a reseller easier.

In the web hosting industry, HostGator is a market leader. They also provide excellent reseller opportunities. They have three different reseller programmes to choose from.

As you can see, all three are within $5 of each other—but keep in mind that this is a promotional pricing.

The plans renew for $29.95, $41.95, and $59.95, respectively, on a yearly basis. However, for the first 36 months, you can lock in this introductory rate.

The Aluminum plan is designed for those who are new to reselling and is priced accordingly. You get 60 GB of storage and 600 GB of bandwidth for $19.95 each month. Given the price, this is a really substantial offer.

HostGator’s plans remain reasonable even if you need to upgrade from Aluminum or require more resources. You can scale up to get the resources you need as long as you aren’t trying to host sites with millions of users. When the contract is renewed, the price will go higher. This is standard practise in the hosting industry, but you should be aware of it.

The uptime guarantee at HostGator is 99.99 percent.

Customer service at HostGator is always available via live chat, phone, or ticket submission. For more than a month, you can sample HostGator for free. If you aren’t satisfied, the company has a 45-day refund policy.

Liquid Internet – Best for hands-off server management and upkeep

 • Starts at $99/month 

• Fully-managed businesses

• WHMCS licences for free

•Internet hosting options include VPS, cloud, and dedicated servers.

Liquid Internet has a place on our best devoted internet hosting plans and best VPS internet hosting plans lists for a reason. They give excellent internet hosting services with enough of memory and storage at a low cost.

Their reseller web hosting options are no different. Each VPS and dedicated server is available for resale. In addition to rapid provisioning, these features include a free WHMCS plugin.

LiquidWeb also has a WHMCS plugin that you can use to sell cloud VPS or cloud devoted internet hosting.

Liquid Internet offers a number of profitable dedicated server plans, each of which includes a free WHMCS licence. It should be noted, however, that this service is only available to clients who currently have internet hosting services with Liquid Internet.

The following are the plans:

At the absolute least, I recommend enrolling with the Silver plan. The extra 8 GB of storage and terabyte of backups are well worth the money.

Here are a few more noteworthy alternatives to consider:

• Service Stage Settlement is 100% uptime. This ensures that if your website is ever down due to their servers, Liquid Internet will compensate you for the time lost.

• There is no need for a SysAdmin. Liquid Internet will take care of any server maintenance and upkeep you require, so you won’t have to hire someone to do it for you.

• Free DDoS protection. Their community is extremely secure, since it is protected from DDoS attacks on multiple levels.

 To get started, you’ll need to enrol in their reseller programme. It’s as simple as filling out a form with information on the product you’re interested in, your contact information, and facts about what you’re selling.


With white label website hosting, reseller internet hosting is an effective approach for builders, enterprises, and entrepreneurs to earn recurring money.

Whatever you’re attempting, make sure to take advantage of the knowledge we’ve provided.

Here’s a quick rundown of the finest reseller internet hosting plans for 2022 so you can pick the ideal one for your needs

2022’s Top 6 Best Reseller Hosting Plans

SiteGround is the best option for current enterprises.

Best VPS options for operating ecommerce websites from InMotion Hosting.

GreenGeeks – Ideal for developers who value environmentally friendly web hosting.

HostGator – Reseller plans that are the most cost-effective.

Liquid Internet offers the most hands-off server management and upkeep.


What is Reseller Hosting and how does it work? What is the benefit to clients?

Reseller hosting is a type of web hosting in which the account owner assigns hard drive space, bandwidth, and other services to an individual or third-party corporation to sell.

Best Linux reseller hosting is fundamentally a web hosting service’s commercial development plan. The web hosting account that gives you access to a lot of resources. As a result, you can easily be divided into multiple smaller hosting accounts.

Do all reseller hosting accounts have the same features?

No, as we’ve seen in our review of the top 5 reseller hosting providers, you can wind up with a wide range of accounts. The typical business plan is to buy disc space and bandwidth in bulk and then resell it as needed.

What is the significance of domain or customer limits?

Very. If you merely want to use web hosting as a supplement to other services, having a small number of customer accounts may not be a big deal. However, if your goal is to expand as much as possible, those constraints will eventually stifle your progress.

Is it necessary to have a white label service?

It’s more professional to be able to incorporate your own branding, but it means you’ll have to design your own appealing logo. Even so, it’s a terrific method to assist your customers develop trust in you.

Reseller hosting is a type of web hosting in which a website hosting provider licences hard drive space and bandwidth to a small or medium-sized firm, which then offers the space to entrepreneurs or small enterprises.

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