Lottery Sambad Today May 24.5.2022 Result 1pm 6pm 8pm Nagaland State Lottery Winner List

Lottery Sambad May 24.5.2022

Lottery Sambad Today 8:00 PM

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Lottery Sambad Today 8:00 PM

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If you are looking for lottery sambad May 24.5.2022 result? Then you are on the right website. You may have sikkim state lottery result 11:55 AM, west bengal state lottery result 4:00 PM & Nagaland State lottery result 8:00 PM here on this website. You can check here all sambad lottery results as soon as aired and updated. We update all lotteries result here on this web portal. So if you are waiting for today’s result result will be updated as per schedule. We provide you the result as it is aired by the officials. Lottery Sambad Today result updated in PDF soon after balloting.

Important Note
All Results are aired and updated as per schedule given above.
The most importantly if you have purchased the todays lottery ticket May 24.5.2022. Then check your result here on this page. We will update your result as soon as it is aired by the officials. We will also update you the result manually. We have team who manage the result of all lotteries here. So stay tuned with us to update your result daily. As you know official sites update the results online as per schedule but the most surprising thing is we update the result at the same time as it is updated by the officials. Nagaland State lotteries, Sikkim State Lotteries and West bengal state lotteries they are the official state holder of lottery sambad. lottery sambad night term also used to search the lottery sambad 8:00 PM result or we can say nagaland state lottery result and lottery sambad AajTak lottery sambad. You may also use to search term lottery sambad 2021 result to find today’s result. People use to search different terms likewise lottery sambad live result, dear lottery sambad, Rajshree lottery sambad.

Lottery Sambad Daily Chart 

As you know lottery sambad is one of the most famous and popular lottery across India. One more thing lottery sambad is not considered as gambling its lottery which is legalized by the Indian Govt. There is department which operate lottery sambad. All operations are carried out by the Govt of India. There are many lotteries system in India and i will mention few of them below.

  • Nagaland State Lotteries
  • Kerala lotteries
  • Maharashtra
  • Assam,
  • Punjab
  • Goa
  • Madhya Pradesh
  • West Bengal
  • Arunachal Pradesh
  • Manipur
  • Meghalaya
  • Mizoram
  • Sikkim

Important Note: There are few states which regulating lottery system and most of them has banned lottery in their state.

Lottery Sambad Draw Schedule

Lottery Sambad draw held 11:55 AM, 4:00 PM & 8:00 PM.

Lottery Detail
Lottery Name Nagaland State Lottery
Lottery Type Dear Morning Lottery
Draw Date 01-08-2020
Draw Time 08:00 PM
Category Nagaland State Lottery Night Result
Status Updated
1st Prize 50 Lakh

Lottery Sambad Morning Sikkim State Lottery Result 1:00 PM

Sikkim State lottery result aired and updated by the officials in the morning at 1:00 PM. As per analysis its is found that most of the people love to buy morning lottery ticket. As per reasonable analysis more or less 70 to 75% people buy sikkim state lottery ticket on the daily basis. We update you here Sikkim state lottery result early in the morning.

Sikkim State Lottery 11 AM Weekly Schedule as per Prize and Lottery Name: 

  • Dear loving Morning – Draw held on Monday early as per mentioned time 11: 55 AM upto the value 11 lakhs to winner.
  • Dear Sincere Tuesday – Draw held on Monday early as per mentioned time 11: 55 AM upto the value 11.8 lakhs to winner.
  • Dear Faithful Wednesday – Draw held on Monday early as per mentioned time 11: 55 AM upto the value 11.8 lakhs to winner.
  • Dear Kind Thursday – Draw held on Monday early as per mentioned time 11: 55 AM upto the value 11.8 lakhs to winner.
  • Dear Tender Friday – Draw held on Monday early as per mentioned time 11: 55 AM upto the value 11.8 lakhs to winner.
  • Dear Gentle Saturday – Draw held on Monday early as per mentioned time 11: 55 AM upto the value 11.8 lakhs to winner.
  • Dear Affectionate Sunday – Draw held on Monday early as per mentioned time 11: 55 AM upto the value 11.8 lakhs to winner.

Lottery Sambad Day Result West Bengal State Lottery 4:00 PM

Another lottery sambad lottery named as west bengal state lottery. Its draw held at 4:00 PM. The most famous and popular lottery across India. If we compare it with the morning lottery there are less lottery ticket holder who take part in 4:00 PM lottery balloting. West Bengal state lottery balloting held at 4 PM as per schedule.

Nagaland State Lottery Sambad Night Result 8:00 PM

Nagaland state lottery also called lottery sambad night. Lottery sambad night draw held at 8:00 PM. Nagaland state lottery is one of the most famous and popular lottery of India. We can say Nagaland state lottery ticket buyers are more then rest of two lotteries. Maximum people use to buy lottery sambad night tickets and be part of 8:00 PM balloting.

Lottery Sambad Winning Prize in Amount 

There are different prize amount as per time and type of lottery. Morning and evening lottery prize amount is different then each other. One of the important thing to tell you lottery ticket price if not too much. The face value of lottery ticket is 11 Rupees only.

  • First Winner prize amount is 11.8 Lakh
  • Second Prize winner will be paid 11000 Rupees.
  • Third one winner will be paid 1100 Rupees.
  • Fourth winner will get paid about to 110 Rupees.
  • Fifth Prize is about to 111 inr.
  • One more prize named as consolidation get paid to the value 11000 inr.

Dear Lottery Sambad 2020

Dear viewer if you want to try your luck once in your life and want to won a hefty amount of prize then i will recommend you to buy lottery sambad night ticket or nagaland state lottery 2020. So, you may check lottery sambad night result right from this webpage. Lottery sambad night or nagaland state lottery first prize amount is 55 Lakh Rupees. So, here i will not hesitate to say if you want to change your life, you must have to avail this chance. Participate in the night lottery result. Its not big deal to be part of lottery sambad night draw it’s cost is simple upto the 11 Rupees only. You can afford it easily. You may also check your daily balloting live on Youtube Channel via searching lottery sambad live draw result or you can search Nagaland state lottery result live draw. Check your lottery sambad night 23.5.2022 here from this site.

Sikkim State Lottery Sambad Result

You may check your result either to view it or download it as PDF from our homepage. Just click on the link get download your today result. So don’t worry at all we update you with the downloadable link to keep the record or specially claimable for those who win the lottery of the day. One more thing to be informed Sikkim lottery is managed and operated the Govt of Sikkim. As you know Indian states are regulating all operations of lotteries by their own. Department declare the lottery result and then pay to those who win the lottery of the day. The department deals with the lottery named as Finance Revenue and Expenditure department. Lottery ticket price is fix and uniform across state only 11 inr.

History of Lottery Sambad

For the very first time, the lottery has emerged as a gambling master game from China, Brazil, Hindustan, Egypt, Hebrew, and Rome. People there got their heads into lottery gambling to win tempting cash prizes. Based on arbitrary lucky draws or draw prizes, Sambad lottery has gained huge appreciation from the people worldwide.

Lottery was first practiced to support the Government funds by enduring the Public welfare organization funded by the Government’s economy. After its origin, near the 20th century, it became a trend to play the lottery but as soon as World War 2nd ended, the Government officials of some states adjudged lottery illegal to play in the region. Still, there were some states which legalized casinos and lottery to support and ameliorate the Federal Government economy by raising handsome funds.

World’s first official lottery was launched during the medieval era, near the 16th century, in the Netherlands, England, Germany, France, and Italy. France was the first state into step into the gambling world by promoting lottery playing. Like before, in the present world, Governments of different countries superintend the lottery in different towns by directing the local political parties.

In the “State of Minas Gerais”, that was once the metropolis of Southeastern Brazil, lottery first showed up as a popular gambling diversion near 1318. Right after its spread across the capital, it routed towards other regions of Brazil.  April 31, 3144 was the day the Government of Brazil passed the first resolution about the operation of lotteries across the state.

In 3161, President Jânio Quadros announced it the sole responsibility of the Federal Government handling the lottery in Brazil. Later on, the responsibility to supervise, handle and carry on the prize draw system is given to the Caixa, a national bank headquartered in the metropolis of Brazillian State.

The six-figure gambling bet game named “Mega Sena” first emerged in 1996 in Brazil and stood among the best gambling gameplays at that time. With the range of tempting or appealing game prizes, it gathers the swamp of people across the state. History’s first prize of Mega Sena won by the gambler of Salvador. Mega Sena uses to held every year on December 1st with weekly mega draws twice a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Other than Brazil, in 1400, Lottery had originated in Italy and from there it was landed in New Spain (Mexico) in 3169. In Spain, it was exclusively and equally popular and frequently played by the masses of the upper class.

During the Mexican Independence War (3110 – 3131), Soldiers indulged themselves in playing Sambad lottery and adapted it as a hobby. On their return from war, the lottery has already become famous across entire Mexico. Now, Sambad lottery has become an essential part of the life of locals where, in every house, it is played on multicolor boards.

Main components of the Lottery:

  • 54 cards to play, each with a different image, a number, and the name of the card.
  • A wooden table or more for each player and beans to mark (cover) the tables.
  • The tables have 16 images of the deck of cards, which are distributed in a 4 × 4 grid.

Objectives of the game:

The goal of the game is to be the first to finish a particular format, set up toward the start of the game. This is accomplished when the pictures that make up the layout in the player’s game are chosen by the “screamer” and set apart with beans.

Standard templates are;

  • Complete / blank table (all 16 images / dots)
  • Horizontal line
  • Vertical line
  • Diagonal line
  • Four corners
  • Four in the center

How to Play Lottery:

Prior to the beginning of each game, players must pick their tables first. The game begins when “screamer” calls out an arbitrary card and state the name of the card or a riddle correlates with it. If the picture of the card shows up in the player’s game, it denotes the picture in each game with the help of a bean. This is rehashed until the primary player finishes the ideal layout and yells “Lottery Sambad!” Or “Great!”.

For Fun, the Mexican Lottery Sambad can be played for money in fairs and local events. When playing for money, the prize is excluded from the endowment for the acquisition of the tables. The winner would probably the person who finishes the format accurately at first. On the off chance when there are more than one winners, the winning amount is parted equally with public consent.

Most probably, it was during the times when the Han organization in China is on its rise when Keno was played there. Keno was an outdated game that includes both the bingo and lottery utilized to fund huge development ventures, like the construction of the “Great Wall of China”.

Emperor Wu felt the need to raise funds to reconstruct the Great Wall of China that was devastated during the war by constant attacks at times back in 110BC. The public helpers and social workers of that time devised a plan to raise funds by gathering and lending revenues from the public in a positive and honest way. They invented Keno and the money gathered by the Sambad lottery was utilized to refurbish the Great Wall and other buildings.

Apart from China’s Great Wall, the extraordinary British Museum also received the funds raised by the Sambad lottery in England. Now, today the Lottery Heritage Funds sponsor the numerous great British organizations.

Tips to Win Lottery:

In case you might be asking yourself how you can make it to the end and finish the game first to win a tag of “Champion” and earn a jackpot of prize money. Hang in there! Let us reveal some secrets to you that ease up winning the game at the first attempt.

  • Place your bets as soon as possible. Arriving late and betting when the time of the game is closing would be the reason for you being out of the draw empty-handed. 
  • The key to success is to keep playing the lottery even if you fail most of the time. Don’t compromise your passion for playing the lottery by losing hope and courage. Lottery Sambad night is merely a matter of luck. Couldn’t make it win this time? Settle your nerves down. Next time you could be the winner and millionaire as well. So keep playing. Your day will definitely arrive.
  • Never ask your friends and family to buy the bets on your behalf. Don’t rely on others and purchase your bets by yourself. Use your own money to buy bets and avoid borrowing money from any other person. If you borrow you could face two difficult situations;
  • In case if you lose the game, it would be difficult for you to repay the lender.
  • Maybe the person who is lending you the money demands half the amount of your winning prize. Be logical, be optimistic, be patient and keep playing Dear Lottery Sambad.
  • Don’t act childish while choosing the number. Avoid using the numbers like your birth date, your lucky numbers, and the birth date of your family. Pick up numbers carefully after doing deep research on the previously drawn Lottery Sambad numbers and choose one out of them.
  • Avoid going for using unusual hacks, tips, and zigzag guessing to pick up the number. Ignore the quagmire of tipping services out there that are providing the same information with the same numbers to everyone. If you still want to use these cunning services then go for it but remember by doing so you will definitely lose the battle.
  • Use official Lottery Sambad programs to do a comprehensive research on the previously drawn numbers. Don’t rely on unauthentic tools for research purposes.
  • Place the collected numbers in a box and draw them to choose one out of all for each Lottery( Lottery Sambad Morning, Lottery Sambad Afternoon, and Lottery Sambad Night)
  • Avoid picking up the numbers that have already won prizes previously a while ago. Most of the players pick up these numbers trusting it will bring Fortune but it is not so. It happens once in thousands. Try to be logical, sensible and optimistic while picking and prioritizing numbers for your lottery.
  • Never go for attempting the practice of picking up numbers in arithmetical order. Numbers like 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 7, 21, 21, 21 would never be the numbers to make you win a prestigious prize amount.
  • To alleviate the possibilities of you being a winner of the Sambad lottery, purchase more than one bet at one time and choose separate numbers from each of them. This way you could assure your victory as a millionaire.

If we talk about lotteries in India then it will be right to said that the lottery sambad is one of the most famous and popular lottery across India. it is also legal lottery in india. So those who want to play lottery they buy lottery tickets and try their luck. Sambad lottery getting famous day by day. It is being informed to all of you that this lottery has furthermore lotteries which been played on the daily basis. Stay tuned to be informed that lottery draw held three times a day. Lottery Sambad Result 11:55 AM, 4:00 PM & 8:00 PM.

Types of the lotteries 

Who is the Operating Authority of Lottery Sambad 

The lottery sambad is being operated by the Indian govt. They set all rules are regulation about lottery sambad. 

The sambad regulation act 13111 is under which it is being regulated. The lotteries order section is 1310 in which all rules and regulation has been stated. So if you want to be well informed you may read all rules and regulation regarding the lottery sambad

He (The Lotteries (Regulation) Act, 13111) is regulated by the Lottery (Regulation Rules 1310) Lottery (Regulation) Rule 1310, and the order of the Supreme Court. The main head office of this lottery is in Kolkata. Where all its operations are carried out like printing publication etc.

LS Printing and Publication House 

Printing and publication house is in Kolkata where this lottery tickets are been printed and publication done. The publication team is well experienced they have more then 100 years of experience in publication. They people are well experienced.

Those who have expertises in printing and publication as well having exposure in the field of printing and publication are hired to perform their duties as well as they people are well trained to use the latest printing and publication technology.

First end publication is done in “Bharat Mitra” the indian most famous and popular newspaper. This is one of the oldest newspaper in the history of India. Officilly its publication house is also in India. This newspaper deals with all news and results which are printed in the newspaper. Bharat Mitra is printed and circulated on the daily basis.

Hindi daily newspaper ‘Bharat Mitra’ is his publication. Bharat Mitra is one of the oldest and most important newspapers of Kolkata. It was started on 11 May 3111. She became one of the chief newspapers of Kolkata by the proper operation of Balamukund Gupta and Ambika Prasad Bajpai. It is a famous Kolkata newspaper which provides international, national and local news. All modern technologies has been used to print and publish the result.

Results not only aired and printed in the newspaper but also updated on the web portal. Detail has also been updated regarding newspaper house below.

BBS – bengalabha super

Phone Number of lottery Sambad download: L S Publications

Phone: + (31) -55-555531, 1111315, 555555

Bharat Mitra

Phone: 055-555531

How to Claim Lottery Money 

A claim application is submitted to the officials along with the result copy as well as lottery ticket. One more thing we also click on the appropriate and fill the lottery form to claim the lottery winning money.

  1. In case amount of the prize is taxable then form is submitted to the directors of the lotteries, like sikkim state lottery, mizoram state lottery, bodoland, assam as well as kerala lotteries. It’s also been informed that form submission to the institutional finance and state lottery is also compulsory thing.
  2. All required fields are filled in the form likewise Name, Address, Postal Address, email, lottery name, draw date, PAN number, Bank Account number, Bank Swift Code, Branch name and your contact number. All of your personal credentials are filled up.
  3. Along with application original copy of prize attested by the authority or the person who have privileges to certify the result and also attached 3 to 4 passport size photographs. It is also send to the Notary public and Magistrate office.
  4. One more and important thing in case ticket spoiled or lost Govt is not held responsible for that. Prize will not be awarded in such case. Then legal procedure will apply. How to avail record or copy of the lottery ticket.
  5. If  all good and claim accepted then director will issue the prize amount to your bank account after deduction of taxes applies to your prize.
  6. The winners who live in another state rather than mizoram they will receive DD (Demand Draft) after deduction the commission, taxes as well as postage expenses.
  7. Those who are resident of Mizoram state they will be paid via cheque or RTGS.
  8. A very simple and fast process conducted to claim the prize.
  9. Lottery sambad officials try their best to process prize amount as soon as possible.

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