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Nagaland State Lottery

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April 6-4-2022

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Searching for Nagaland State Lottery Night April 6.4.2022 (8 PM) results? Browsing through several online lottery platforms but still couldn’t make it finding the final results? Well, this time you’ve landed on the right page. Previously, at the time of the lottery revelation, it was mostly played gambling game to win huge cash prizes. In India, on average Lottery was practiced almost in all states. But later on, the Supreme Court passed legislation about lottery stated that only 13 states would be allowed to sell lottery tickets. Nagaland is one of those 13 states holding a sanction of lottery selling where the lottery is still practiced with interest.

Nagaland Lottery is named before the name of state Nagaland. Along with the locals of Nagaland state, people of West Bengal are also intrigued by the Nagaland lottery and adopted playing it as a passion. Nagaland State Lottery results are uploaded on this website regularly daily.

Nagaland State Lottery (Timings)

Nagaland Lottery held three times daily and a considerable number of people take part in it. They purchase lottery tickets with certain numbers and wait until the results of the lottery announced. Some people are daring and confident enough that they take part in all 3 Nagaland lotteries. These lotteries are named accordingly with the day timings. Keep Checking dhankesari lottery result on the daily basis.

  • Nagaland State Lottery Morning
  • Nagaland State Lottery Afternoon
  • Nagaland State Lottery Night

Nagaland State Lottery Morning

Nagaland State Lottery Morning is the first lottery to be held in the morning. It is played exactly at 11:55 AM daily. A big fortune waits for you if you are the lucky winner who goanna bag all the cash and awards.

Lottery Name Detail
Name of State Nagaland State
Draw Time 08:00 PM – Evening Draw
Ticket Price 6 INR
Lottery Link Nagaland State Lottery
Result Website https://dhankesariresults.in/
1st Prize 50 Lakhs
Schedule 7 Days a week

Nagaland State Lottery Afternoon

It is played mid-day exactly at 4:00 PM. Nagaland State Lottery Sambad Afternoon is played every day without skipping even a day. It is also played with great interest because the lottery is an easy way to win a huge prize and make all your dreams true. Everyone is up to test their luck with the hope of winning one day.

Nagaland State Lottery Night

Nagaland State Lottery Night is played at night. The exact timing to play night lottery is 8:00 PM daily. Equally popular among the inhabitants of Nagaland and West Bengal, this lottery never let you miss a single chance to earn riches.

History of Nagaland State Lottery

Nagaland Lottery is the most famous gambling game based merely on “Luck”. There is nothing like being an expert in playing the lottery. If you are not lucky enough, the lottery is not the game for you to play. If we go back when the human civilization was emerging and was on its peak, the lottery was also flourishing parallel with the formation of the human society, but still, it was a matter of “Luck” based on some blissful or fateful decisions. Luck is the factor that can be inborne in one person and the other is inherited with fortune for some unknown reasons. Existence of people who are good at guessing is an exceptional case. What counts most is how Fortunate are you to become rich. Making some random guesses on some unusual clues is a common tactic that has been used playing lottery since its revelation.

After a long and deep study about the lottery emergence, I came to acknowledge that some scholars claim that this bizarre gaming technique rooted from the ancient Greeks mythological era (Era of Gods and Heroes). In Greek mythology, the heroic personalities made to draw their lot followed by the tradition “Cast Lots” to get into a face-off combat with the strong, invulnerable, and intimidating God of that time, Zeus. Cast Lots playing strategy was somewhat strange but not obscure now as

Nagaland Lottery is somehow played on same rules. At that time, a pebble instead of a lottery ticket was considered to decide a person’s fate or most precisely a lot. In Cast Lots of ancient Greeks, a gold-plated hat is taken with a lot of colored pebbles in it as it was decided before which one would be fateful and which one would lead them to death. Every soldier had to take out one pebble without looking inside the hat, just like drawing a lottery. That led to two ways, either live or die. A person with pebble of fate would be the lucky one to live more. But the one, who unfortunately happened to pick up an unlucky pebble would be sentenced to death as he had to combat with powerful and undependable Zeus. Or he was given an option to embrace an honourable death.

Most of the Historical events of ancient times indicates some connection with the emergence of Nagaland State Lottery. But these are just assumptions. There is no proof of it. Let’s take an example of Bible (The Book of Numbers- Chapter 26) where an assumed interpretation of the dialogue between God and Moses stated as “Moses was ordered by God to count all the “sons of Israel” in order to divide the lots along the Jordan River by lot. According to this Biblical statement, God was incentivising Israelites to face hardships and trials. In this Bible moment, historians see some connection with the birth of an ancient Nagaland State Lottery. As per this Biblical endorsement, a person receives a reward for the action taken. An allegory to this is the principle of action of the modern Nagaland State Lottery, receiving rewards for winning the Nagaland State Lottery game.

These ancient myths about lottery paved their way to China and Rome where the lottery was first outraged. In 100BC, in China, a gambling game redolent of today’s lottery game had taken place under the name “Keno”. All thanks to wise rule of the Han Dynasty. The major intention behind propagating lottery across the Chinese state was to utilise the money for building purposes like reconstruction of the Great Wall of China which was completely deformed and destroyed during the war. It was also played to strengthen the fallen economy of the state by utilising the money gathered from the people in exchange of lottery tickets.

Similarly, on the other hand, Rome was also taking interest in expanding lottery to its maximum states. Government of Rome started working by reconstruction of roads, historic buildings, bridges and municipal houses. Another purpose behind lottery is to eradicate poverty from the state. Holiday lottery was aimed at giving chance to poor people to participate in lottery for free, and if they managed to win it, they received a mentioned cash prize for sure.

Why choose Nagaland State Lottery

Nagaland State Lottery has gained fame and huge appreciation from the entire Nagaland State and from the West Bengal. There is no age limit to participate in Nagaland Lottery. Every person from young ones to middle aged to senior citizens can equally take part in it to evaluate how strongly their luck works. What excites the people most about Nagaland State Lottery is the ticket for this lottery costs only 6 rupees which in return ensure huge cash prizes most probably prizes in millions.

So, if you have the Nagaland State Lottery ticket and searching for the today’s results, you can check the final results of all the three lotteries here. Keep visiting this websites for latest result updates. Also, you can download pdf format of the final result list or you can download PNG images from here.

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