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July 22, 2024

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Dhankesari Lottery Sambad Today 1 PM Result

Lottery Sambad 1:00 PM

Lottery Sambad is a famous lottery game played in different states of India. It proffers people an opportunity to win varying amounts of money. By purchasing a lottery ticket, you can even become a millionaire. If luck plays well and is with you, you can win a million rupees in a single shot.

If you have already purchased your lottery ticket and are looking for Lottery Sambad 1:00 PM results, you have landed at the right place. Our site will give you the expected outcomes of the draws. We will tell you whether you have gotten lucky enough to win a jackpot. 

What Is Lottery Sambad 

What is the shortest way to get a considerable amount of money? Indeed, you cannot earn one crore rupee by working from 9:00 to 5:00 in an office. You might also have to wait and work hard to increase your bank account amount if you are a businessman. 

The only way to earn a treasure is to get a lottery ticket and wait for your luck to play its role. Lottery Sambad provides you with the same opportunity. Different Indian states manage this draw under their supervision. A person needs to buy a ticket and leave everything else to God. We are sure you are lucky enough to be the next Lottery Sambad millionaire. 

How Is Lottery Sambad Played

The state where a lottery is offered manages the game. They sell a ticket that can either be purchased on their official websites or from a market. The lottery gateway does not cost much. Therefore, you can buy as many tickets as possible to increase your winning probability. 

Most experts recommend booking more than one ticket. However, taking care of your daily expenditures first will be best. Do not rush to buy a significant amount of tickets if you live hand to mouth. Only purchase as many tickets as you can afford feasibly. 

How Much Lottery Sambad Cost

When people come to know that they can bring home one crore Indian rupee by purchasing a lottery ticket, they typically think it must be expensive to buy. However, you will be stunned to know that you will have to spend only six rupees. 

Given the tremendous amount of money people win by booking tickets, it is unbelievable. Only a few lottery games offer such a low-price gateway to participate in a lucky draw. 

Which States Offer Lottery Sambad

Even though the federal government and courts do not allow official lottery games, some states are exempt from the law. These states can run their lottery games, and it is lawful. 

The following Indian states provide an opportunity for their people to buy Lottery Sambad tickets: 

  • Asam
  • Sikkim
  • Punjab
  • Arunachal
  • West Bengal
  • Maharashtra
  • Mizoram
  • Meghalaya
  • Goa
  • Kerala
  • Nagaland

Note: Currently, these states are offering Lottery Sambad events. The primary purpose is to:

  1. Increase state earnings to cope with various official expenses.
  2. To provide their people with a chance to win money.

Therefore, this lottery game is beneficial for governments and their people.

How Many Times the Game is Played

Every state that runs Lottery Sambad opportunities has set a particular time for the ticket. The game is played thrice daily, and there is no holiday. The following times are followed:

  • Lottery Sambad 1:00 PM
  • Lottery Sambad 6:00 PM
  • Lottery Sambad 8:00 PM

1:00 PM lottery, also known as Morning time, has various daily names.

Words for Everyday Lottery Sambad Morning 

All the states have given separate names to everyday Lottery Sambad draws. These names are beautiful. They distinguish the timings and make the play more fun. 

For example, Sikkim state has the following names for 1:00 PM Lottery Sambad lucky draws:

Day Name
Sunday Dear Affectionate Morning
Monday Dear Loving Morning
Tuesday Dear Sincere Morning 
Wednesday Dear Faithful Morning
Thursday Dear Kind Morning 
Friday Dear Tender Morning 
Saturday  Dear Gentle Morning 


Prize Money in Morning Lottery Sambad

1:00 PM Lottery Sambad gives you a number of fantastic prizes. The amount and number of winners vary for every award. Only one lucky person can book one crore rupee while others can get varying rewards. The details are given below:

Sr Number Details Amount


First Prize 1 crore Indian rupees


Consolation Money  1000


Second Prize 9000


Third Prize 500


Fourth Prize 250


Fifth Prize 120



1. Is lottery legal in India? Answer: lottery is legal in thirteen Indian states, as the article mentions.Who manages Lottery Sambad?

2. Who manages Lottery Sambad? Answer: People with a state domicile can buy the ticket. The state government manages and organizes Lottery Sambad.

3. Where to buy lottery Sambad tickets? Answer: You can buy online from the official website or offline via an agent.

4. Can I buy Lottery Sambad tickets online? Answer: Yes, you can buy the ticket online.

5. Who can buy a Lottery Sambad ticket? Answer: People with a state domicile can buy the ticket.